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Dedicated Full Service Roofer

Fixing the Roof

"I called Guardian Roofing when I had a limb fall on my roof in a wind storm. Jeremy came out less than an hour after I called. I was surprised to get such a quick response on a Saturday after dark. He removed the limb, patched the hole, and told me step-by-step how to proceed with my insurance company. He even recommended the right person to fix my drywall on the ceiling. I couldn't believe how easy everything was. Jeremy was very professional and caring. I give them 5 stars all the way!!"

-Amber / Charleston,IL

"I had my roof installed by one of the bigger local roofing companies. I have had to call them back multiple times to fix a leak. They have not been able to fix it. They actually made it worse and tried blaming it on a siding issue. It didn't leak before they replaced my roof. I called Guardian roofing for a second opinion. They came out and re-sided the dormer in question. In the process, he found the roof flashing was missing and fixed it. After 2 years and multiple call-backs, it only took Guardian roofing one visit to fix my leak."

-Mary / Sullivan,IL

Replacing Tiles
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